Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Mt. Rushmore state

We're serious here... come to Mt. Rushmore, the Mt. Rushmore state for all your Mt. Rushmore needs. If you feel like staying around South Dakota we'd appreciate it.

At least we're the superior Dakota. Take that you North Dakota lame asses.

Rock climbing for the family!

The mountains of South Dakota are incredible to scale and climb. Out door adventures for the entire family. And have you ever rock climbed on a face before? It's much much better than it sounds. Believe me!

The desert Red Rock

You've probably heard of Arizona's Sedona, but did you know that some red rock can form just from a beautiful sunset? Come to South Dakota where you can see red rock. Also we have Mt. Rushmore! Did we mention that?

The piece de resistance

The wonderful Mt. Rushmore is the most American monument around. Nothing can compare to these presidents being carved on one of our purple mountains majesty.